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About Us

Y&S CPA/CPTA Office is client-focused professional service firm. We provide a “one-stop service” that includes accounting, taxation services, and various business consultations. We are available both in Japanese and English.

High expertise in the public, education, medical industry

We provide high expertise services such as auditing, accounting, taxation, management consulting, and guidance for local governments, public service corporations, NPOs, educational institutions, and medical industry such as healthcare corporations, and clinics. Off course we cover other ranges of businesses.
We understand your needs and tailor our services to meet your goal with highly experienced knowledge.

One-Stop Service

We provide a “One-Stop Service” that includes accounting, taxation business, human resources management, and management consultations. We can also act as an accounting/ tax advisor, business mentor, and consultation advisor for all about accounting, taxation business and management needs.

Prompt and Tailored Services

We focus on communicating with clients and building reliable and trustworthy relationships in order to achieve your goals. We will respond to inquiries promptly, carefully and professionally.

Shinichi YOKOTA

Shinichi YOKOTA, the owner of our office, is a CPA, CPTA, and a CIPFA with a wide variety of work experiences. His insightful knowledge especially in public and healthcare sector, which includes medical, educational, and social welfare industries, will support you according to your business needs.
Prior to establishing the Y&S CPA/CPTA Office, he was with one of the biggest international accounting firm and played strong role within the public sector.


  1. The Japan Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  2. Kinki-area Certified Public Tax Accountants Association
  3. Japan Association of Governmental Accounting
  4. The Japan Society of Comparative International Governmental Accounting Research


  1. CPA (Certified Public Accountant)
  2. CPTA (Certified Public Tax Accountant)
  3. CIPFA (Certified Institute of Public Finance &Accounting)
  4. CFM (Certified Facility Manager)

Services -For Business Owners/ Self Employed Persons-

We offer being an accounting/ tax advisor, reporting a tax return, and other services related to accounting and taxation. We are able to create strategies by understanding your businesses, and offering solutions to achieve your goals. Particularly, specializing in the medical, welfare, and educational industries.

Our Basic Policies

  1. We provide accountings/ taxation services, and consulting management to support your business, help relieve stress from taxation and other financial needs.
  2. We can travel all over Japan. Also, we can arrange meetings via phone, emails, Skype, Microsoft Teams, zoom, Face-Time, and other remote options.
  3. We accept your price consultations to offer suitable services according to your situations. Pricing for our services can be decided upon discussion and according to specific services you may require.
  4. We limit our ongoing projects to maintain high standards. Our experienced representative will be in charge of all business.

Services menu

We operate with high standards

  1. Accountings/ Taxation adviser
  2. Support for raising funds
  3. Report a tax return
  4. Support for incorporating business
  5. Operations related to settlement of accounts
  6. Lecture about accountings, compliance, internal control, and so on

Service Charges

Please contact us about charges. We tailor suitable services for you.
Feel free to contact us.
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Price(excluding VAT)

Monthly accountings/ tax adviser JPY 25,000 is the lower limit.
Consulting for settlement of accounts Free when we are already your monthly adviser
Reporting settlement of accounts, income taxes, and business taxes JPY 150.000 is the lower limit.
Making a VAT report JPY 150,000 is the lower limit.